The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) is a registered charity supporting the development of students studying horticulture in the UK.  We champion careers in commercial or production ornamental horticulture by offering scholarships to these future horticulturists.

Support can also be given for educational group trips that promote such learning, as well as for grants from scientific researchers with an interest in topics relevant to the ornamental horticultural industry.

Registered Charity No. 1017289

About David Colegrave

Born in 1925, David Colegrave entered the horticultural industry as a young man when he left the UK immediately after the war to work in Canada for the old-established Canadian seed house, McKenzie Seeds.

From there, his travels took him down to the US where he spent five years working in the flower seed production industry in California for Waller Flowerseed (a company that he would purchase in later years), followed by another five years back in Europe working for Graines d’Elite Clause, the well-known French flower breeding company.

In 1962 he returned to the UK and started his own business specialising in the sale of flower seeds to professional growers. The introduction to the UK market by Colegrave Seeds of innovations such as F1 hybrids, heat-sealed foil packs and plug (young plant) production, would help transform the bedding plant business into a significant industry, and turn Colegrave Seeds into a major British success story.

David Colegrave died in 1992, but his son, Jeff, continued to run the business until it was sold to Ball Horticultural Company, a major family-owned American business, in 2001.

During his career, David Colegrave took a keen interest in supporting and promoting the development of young people, and it was with this in mind that the David Colegrave Foundation was launched shortly after his death.



The DCF Phalaenopsis Orchid Collection

DCF’s orchids help to train British plant growers. The Phalaenopsis collection which offers a distinctive fusion of summer colours and striking markings is sold in garden centres. Every orchid purchased helps to fund our scholarships for students studying horticulture at colleges across the UK.

The concept of an orchid was initiated by Garden Centre Fresh and working together the range was introduced to the market in 2015. True to DCF’s mission in supporting students in horticulture, we also invited two young growers who have a passion for orchids to join the orchid selection team.

For retail information on the orchid collection contact Brian Redman, Garden Centre Group Specialist at GCF, at or on 07931 464 008.