Ball Colegrave Scholarship – £1,500
Applications are now closed until 1 Sep 2017

Up to £1,500 to fund travel to Europe in order to develop knowledge and experience in bedding plant production and marketing.

Who should apply?
An employee in the early stages of their career at a commercial bedding plant nursery, or a student studying horticulture with an interest in commercial bedding plants.

Number of scholarships available?
One per year.

Who is the sponsor?
Ball Colegrave, the UK’s leading distributor of seed and young plants to commercial growers.

When to apply?
Between September 2016 and January 2017.

31 January 2017

Apply online – Applications are now closed until 1 Sep 2017

The online application form will be available again on 1 Sep 2017 when the scholarship season reopens.