Ran, who won a Student Scholarship of £1,000, while studying for a BSc Horticulture at Writtle College in Chelmsford, Essex, shares her news since receiving the scholarship…

“The bursary from David Colegrave Foundation not only supported on my finance to make more opportunities becoming possible for me, but also offered me a recognition to give the companies confidence to hire me. In my student scholarship application, I wished that I could use this scholarship in entering a summer horticulture related management training project. I applied several placements and internships before summer, such as a management training scheme from Chelsea Physic Garden; a volunteer opportunity from RHS London Shows; a summer placement from G’s fresh in Cambridge; and a marketing internship from Desert Group in Dubai. In the end, I decided to go to Dubai this summer to work with Desert Group company for three months.

During June, I have also used a part of the bursary to visit few gardens/parks around England, such as Kew garden, RHS Wisely, Oxford botanic garden, Loseley Park, Regent’s Park; and also joined the London Rose Show and the Scotscape company’s Living Wall opening day. I gained more knowledge then what I even expected, especially about the English gardens and roses. I was very luck to speak with Dr. Brent Elliontt, the writer of the Rose about tea roses as I was thinking about doing my dissertation of hybrid English tea rose; and also during the London Rose Show, I had a chance to speak with RHS London Shows manager Jorge Rodrigues-Martin and got an opportunity to work on Tour event at RHS Lambeth Country Show. I would say that it’s David Colegrave Foundation made my summer so excited and efficient.

I will start my three months’ internship of marketing and content with Desert Group on the 3rd of July. It will be a great challenge and opportunity in my life. I will learn the skills needed for me in the commercial horticulture world at manger level and gain a broader range of understanding of what the world market perspective is like. This internship is exactly what I want to do with my future career, as I always would like to work in some creative roles that I can use the knowledge and skills from my three degrees spent studying international relations, art design and horticulture. I have already started some researching for the company on comparison of potential import plans for the development of the domestic orchid market in Dubai for Desert Group.

After the internship, I will come back to the UK to carry on my final year of the BSc Horticulture degree in Writtle College; Also doing one to two days’ volunteer job in Chelsea Physic garden every week; and hopefully I will have more chance to work with RHS shows. As well as this, I hope that I will be able to complete a great dissertation next year by using the knowledge from the three years studying BSc Horticulture; the technology I leant from working with Dr. Chris Bishop in the post-harvest lab; the experience I had of visiting, studying and working in different countries’ horticulture organisations; the skills I gained from my both summer placements during this BSc horticulture degree and the strong support from David Colegrave Foundation.”